All business environments are dynamic, challenging, and ever-changing. These words are especially true for small business owners who seek to connect their goals and aspirations to the realities of their unique business environments and communities.

I help overtasked business owners move from being skillful doers to positively fulfilled leaders of profitable and sustainable companies that give back.

Meet Dan Kendall

I serve as a trusted advisor to start-ups, small business, and volunteer focused community leaders; where growth and sustainability are value based.

I am a lifelong resident of Indiana along with my wife of 42 years. I spent over 39 years in the metals distribution industry. I started as an entry level shop floor employee working my way through the ‘ranks’ to serving as President. I served in a variety of leadership roles including; Operations, Quality, Logistics, Sales, Purchasing, and Executive Leadership. During this time, I raised a family and volunteered time in faith based activities and trade associations.

During my tenure as President of ABC Metals, I had the privilege of leading ABC Metals after the ‘Tech Bust’ in 2000 to become the 3rd largest distributor of Copper and Brass Strip in North America; over 400% sustainable growth and rich with future opportunities.

Contract Services

Leadership Coaching

Sales/Procurement Negotiation

SWOT Analysis

Business Review & Gap Analysis

Business Plan Development

– Sales, Resource, and Financial Forecast.– Strategic review of profit potential and procurement.– Employee screening and conflict resolution.

In Latin Aeris can mean:

  • Base: metal: copper or brass
  • Money: pay, debt, money, or fee
  • Air: sky, breeze, cloud, or weather.

So, although my background is in manufacturing; specifically base metals like copper and brass. My counsel and advice are applicable to many other applications and businesses. Like the word Aeris, my expertise can translate into success as applied in many different business environments.

Why Aeris Advisor?

Mid career I began working with a leadership coach. He shared the experience about a plumber who created and ran a successful plumbing business for many years from his home. He poured his heart into the business , which earned him a nice income. Although his wife was grateful for the standard of living they possessed she has two ongoing complaints: He worked too many hours and he never fixed the kitchen faucet. (It had leaded for years) You see although he worked in the home, this plumber never worked ‘on his home.’

I help business leaders move from working ‘in their business’ to working “on their business.” I help you go from earning a living to having a life; a meaningful and rewarding life.

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