Do you feel like you’re always playing from behind? Never caught up? Although all business environments are dynamic, challenging, and ever-changing. Small business owners and leaders are especially challenged as they lead their lean organizations intending to connect their personal goals and aspirations to the realities of their unique business environments and communities.

Aeris Advisor was created to help you discover your passions and strengths. Then we align these skills and objectives to sustainable business processes. Thus you are empowered to focus on what is truly fulfilling to you personally and professionally.

Meet Dan Kendall

“I serve as a trusted advisor to start-ups, small business, and volunteer-focused community leaders, where growth and sustainability are value-based.”

Dan Kendall is a lifelong resident of Indiana along with his wife of 42 years. Dan has spent over 39 years working in the metals distribution industry. He started in an entry-level position in operations, working his way up in the company and across many disciplines. These managed disciplines include Operations, Quality, Logistics, Sales, Purchasing, Negotiations, and Strategic Planning, concluding with over 20 years of Executive Leadership. Through this time, Dan and his wife raised a family and volunteered time in trade associations and faith-based activities.

During Dan’s tenure as President, ABC Metals grew from its small midwestern roots to the 3rd largest strip distributor of Copper and Brass strip in North America.

Dan’s desire to teach and be a “trusted advisor” gained added lift when in late 2021, he retired from his full-time role at ABC Metals to dedicate more time to volunteer activities. Dan created Aeris Advisor to support this effort and continue engaging with business leaders like you.

Contract Services

Leadership Coaching

A customized approach where leaders discover their strengths and boost their personal and professional performance.

Sales/Procurement Negotiation

I assist you in critical negotiations while creating processes upon which you grow your business negotiating skills.

SWOT Analysis

A powerful tool helps you objectively identify opportunities and mitigate threats to your business’s success.

Business Review & Gap Analysis

Gap identification with action plans is often the most decisive step a company leader can take to ensure sustainable profitability.

Business Plan Development

– Sales, Resource, and Financial Forecast– Strategic Review of Procurement and Profit Potentials– Employee Screening and Retention

The Latin word “Aeris can mean:

  • Metal: Copper or Brass
  • Money: pay, debt, or fee
  • Air: sky, breeze, or weather

Although my background is linked to manufacturing base metals like copper and brass, my counsel and advice apply to many other applications and businesses. Like the word “Aeris,” my expertise can translate into success when used across many business environments.


Do You Need an Advisor?

Mid-career I began working with a leadership coach. He shared an anecdote about a plumber. This plumber created and ran a successful plumbing business for many years from his home. He poured his heart into his company, which earned him a nice income. Although his wife was grateful for the standard of living they possessed, she had two continual complaints: Her husband worked too many hours, and he never fixed the kitchen faucet. (It had leaked for years). You see, although he worked from home, this plumber never worked “on his home!”

Aeris Advisor helps business leaders go from working “in their business” to working “on their business.” Let me help you go from “earning a living” to “having a life,”; a meaningful and rewarding life.

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